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Mold & Health

mold cleaning during work

Can mold really affect your health and, is this something that you should be overly concerned about? The short answer is yes, but we also have to be honest and say that for the most part, it’s not like you should be rushing to the phone and giving us a call as if you were in a major emergency situation. Unless you spot black mold, if that is the case then you really need to speed that call up. This type of mold can cause some very serious health issues.

Actual Health Problems That Can Be Caused By Mold

Most of the health problems that are associated with mold are not exactly directly caused by mold. For example, mold spores can contribute to worsening asthma conditions. That doesn’t mean that mold spores cause asthma. If you are someone though with an existing respiratory condition you of all people need to make sure that mold is not present in your home. On the low end, we can be talking about mild conditions such as eye irritation and an itchy nose. Some of the same symptoms that are associated with allergies. The real problem though is that mold presence can really worsen existing conditions.

Will Mold Removal or Remediation Provide Tangible Health Improvements?

If you spent most of your time at home and you are sure that you don’t have major mold development at home there is a good chance that you are going to be seeing tangible health benefits. Especially if you did have a mold problem, to begin with. That does not mean that you are going to be 100% immune from all symptoms just because you had a recent mold remediation procedure provided at home. There are other places where you can be exposed to mold or other types of fungi.

How Concerned Should I Really Be About Mold Potentially Growing On My Property?

If you are taking the right steps regularly to monitor mold growth on your property you shouldn’t be concerned. Get an inspection every six months or so and make sure you know if mold is present. When mold is present get a remediation procedure or removal procedure done. If you do that regularly you are not going to have a problem. The real health risk shows up when you have truly no idea whether or not you have mold on your property, and you don’t do anything about it for years. If you are in that situation that should make you feel a little bit more uncomfortable.

There Are Other Factors That Can Also Cause Respiratory & Allergie-like Synthoms

Making sure that your home is clear of mold is a great way to improve your overall health or at least take one step in the right direction. That does not necessarily mean that it is the end all be all, of respiratory health. There are other factors that can contribute to people showing certain symptoms. You should not ignore other possibilities even if you had

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