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Mold Removal & Remediation

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The age-old debate in the mold removal business revolves around the difference between mold removal and mold remediation. As mold inspection specialists and having provided mold removal services to San Diego for years we are going to try and explain the difference. It’s not that one service is better than the next. We just need to find what works best for your mold situation. What we always tell people is that mold develops naturally and is present virtually everywhere. Ideally, we are going to be able to limit its presence to minimal levels that are not harmful to humans.

Which Service Should I Be Looking For?

We usually do a lot more mold remediation than actual removals. The reason behind this is that most of the mold that we find in homes or businesses is not the type of mold that could be potentially life-threatening. The best way to deal with that type of mold is to limit its presence as we’ve just recently mentioned. If you have black mold or other types of mold present in your property that could be more threatening then full removal is what you are going to need. That is the reason why we take our mold inspections so seriously. They can help us truly determine the severity of a problem.

Will You Have To Tear My Home Down For A Mold Removal Procedure?

One of the concerns that many people come to us with, is the fact that we are going to tear down their home while providing mold removal services. Obviously, even in these cases, we are going to try and minimize the damages on the property. That being said, we are obviously going to let you know what we plan to do before we just tear down your wall or anything like that.

Preventing Mold Formation

When we find mold we are going to obviously want to remove it from the physical place that we find it in. In mold remediation, we are also going to be removing as much mold as we can find. We won’t be removing the structure that we find mold on! Let’s say that we find mold in your crawlspace. We are going to be removing the mold from the pilar in the crawlspace, not the pillars themselves. What is also important is being able to change the conditions of the area to prevent mold build-up. This is where things like waterproofing come in!

How Effective Are These Procedures?

We can assure you that our services are going to be effective at essentially a 100% rate. For example, if we find black mold we are going to make sure that we are able to remove all of it. We also offer, follow up services though to guarantee that the problems don’t come back. In remediation, as we mentioned, it’s more of an ongoing process to make sure that we are able to keep mold growth in check. Rather than a one-time quick fix type of ordeal.

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