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Mold Testing

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If you can’t physically see the mold that doesn’t mean it isn’t or that mold spores are not getting into your property another way. If that is the case then what we can do to detect the presence of mold are tests that precisely detect the presence of mold spores. There is a bit of controversy surrounding these tests in the industry. We are certainly going to be addressing these issues as well as what the next step is if we do happen to find the presence of mold spores.

Does Mold Testing Work?

The effectiveness of mold testing has come into question numerous times in the past. Pretty much the main issue that people want to point to is that there are no “official” guidelines on the matter. What this basically means is that people in the industry have not come to an agreement over where we draw the line. What amount of mold spore presence can be considered a positive test and what would be considered a negative test? We’ve been doing testing for many years. This has allowed us to create a sample size large enough for us to develop our own parameters. We know that for a lot of people this may not seem like the ideal situation. That is just the state of the industry, and there is not much that we can do about it!

We Don’t Always Have To Mold Test

If you are worried about the effectiveness of these tests, we can tell you that they shouldn’t have to be a major issue. If we are able to physically spot mold on your property, then there is really no need for these types of tests. At least not to start a mold removal or mold remediation procedure. That means that we are not always going to be relying 100% on these tests.

Be Careful With Over The Counter Mold Test Kits

Many companies now offer mold test kits that can be bought at stores and used by anyone. They are as dangerous as diagnosing yourself with a disease without going to a doctor. The real reason why people think tests don’t work is that they want to compare what we do with the tests that you can buy at the store. We would outright say that you really should not be investing in these types of tests. Since you are not going to be able to obtain real results. Sure they can be right sometimes, but that it’s just out of sheer probability more than effectiveness.

Should I Be Doing Mold Testing Or Inspections?

Inspections can be a good way to know beyond a reasonable doubt that you have a mold problem. Actually seeing the mold leaves little room for confusion. That being said, there are different instances where we see testing make more sense. Especially testing your air vents and areas like that. Give us a call though and we are going to be able to point you in the right direction!

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